The following are excerpts from “CaribbeanTales Film Festival Explores the Complexity of Identity With ‘Legacies of Race’ Night,” my review of two films, published in The films, Short Drop and Before The Trees Was Strange, offer glimpses into life in the Caribbean that often go unseen.

Short Drop offers a slice of island life, without romanticizing the Caribbean for the consumption of would-be tourists… The film reminds us to care about our neighbours and to value the people who come into our lives, however fleeting their time with us may be.”

“Highlights from Before The Trees Was Strange include film footage shot over 30 years and spoken word poetry that capture the impact of slavery’s erasure of black history and the social pressure to self-identify as white. The film underlines how the one-drop rule that defines blackness in the U.S. is not universal, and that the colour of one’s skin and the features of one’s face are not a direct map to family origins.”

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