Just as every author is different, so is every editing assignment; therefore, I don’t post exact prices on this website. I can tell you now that the cost is influenced by a variety of factors: the quality of the writing, complexity, level of editing needed versus level of editing requested, number of editing rounds desired, intended audience and deadline. Some clients prefer hourly rates and others opt for a fixed project fee.

Based on the assignment you propose, we negotiate a fee. First, e-mail rremy@editors.ca and mention the type of text you would like edited, the editing services you require and the deadline by which you need it returned. Then I assess your manuscript and we discuss cost.

All payments can be completed electronically through PayPal. Payments within Canada can also be made in Canadian dollars via e-Transfer.


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The following are common editing services that editors charge per hour to perform:

  • basic copyediting
  • heavy copyediting
  • website copyediting
  • substantive (structural) editing
  • line editing

Whether editors charge hourly or charge per page, one page equals 250 words (1 page = 250 words). Please e-mail rremy@editors.ca describing the editing services you require and ask for a cost estimate.

Specialty Items

The following specialty assignments are typically charged flat fees to edit:

  • business cards
  • business or personal stationary
  • press releases



Are you a student in college or university working on a diploma or bachelor’s degree? Below are levels of editing you can consider purchasing for your essay. I typically base student rates on on a 72-hour turnaround time. Quicker turnaround times increase the cost.

Level 1    (1 page = 250 words)

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence fragments

Level 2    (1 page = 250 words)

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence fragments, word choice, consistency, flow, run-on sentences


Comments and critiques

Extra attention to ESL (English as a Second Language) students, plus comments and critiques

Conform to style (MLA, APA, Canadian Press, Chicago)


IMPORTANT: My typical student rates do not apply to PhD or master’s theses because they are more specialized projects, governed by certain ethical standards. If you want your thesis edited, please send an e-mail with your request to rremy@editors.ca. Make it clear in your e-mail that you are working on a thesis.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Is English your second language? With the purchase of any of my editorial services, let me know if you need extra attention paid to your English writing skills.


I charge 30¢ to $2 per word for writing and re-writing assignments*, depending on the purpose of the text, its subject matter and if research is required. To discuss your writing needs and to receive a cost estimate, e-mail rremy@editors.ca.


*IMPORTANT: I do not write academic essays for clients and do not accept any writing assignment that are a breach of academic conduct.

“Behind every great writer

is an awesome editor.”

-Ruane Remy

“Words can inspire.

And words can destroy.

Choose yours well.”

-Robin Sharma

“There are two typos of people

in this world: those who can

edit, and those who can’t.”

– Jarod Kintz

“Writing without revising is

the literary equivalent of

waltzing gaily out of the

house in your underwear.”

– Patricia Fuller

“Editing fiction is like using

your fingers to untangle the

hair of someone you love.”

– Stephanie Roberts

Clear. Concise. Correct.

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