Film Reviews

Film Reviews

“A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.” – Alfred Hitchcock


It’s always a pleasure to watch films, especially if it’s just so I can claim the authority to critique them. Below are some of my thoughts and analyses on a few.

Biblical films back in style: Hollywood has been born again (feature)

Dallaire a voice for the children: Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children (documentary)

The Jewish Cardinal: The man who dared to be both a Catholic and a Jew (review)

Film seeks to find hope in hopelessness of Argentine slum: Sacrifice and temptation in Buenos Aires (review)

Les Mis transitions from stage to screen: Once thought unfilmable (review)

Still life in old bones: Not your typical sob story about aging (review)


Last Updated: Nov. 23, 2014

Theatre Reviews

Theatre Reviews

“All the world’s a stage.” – As You Like It by William Shakespeare

There’s something thrilling about live theatre. When you’re close enough to the stage, you can see the sweat bead off the actor’s forehead. It’s real sweat and not the spray-on version they use in film. Here are a few musings from my attempts at sitting as close as possible to the stage.

My Fair Lady review

Taking you back to 33 days in 1978

Intrigue among the incense

A reworked Sister Act still packed with laughter


Last updated: Nov. 24, 2014



“People take what they need from the stories they hear. The tale is often wiser than the teller.” – Susan Fletcher 

It’s a privilege and an honour when people let me re-tell their stories and piece together fragments of their lives. The following are my profiles of Catholic figures.

No Catholic too far for globe-trotting priest 

Ladies’ man to man of God

Reflections on a year in the priesthood

A new beginning at 65 for Sr. Walsh

Restauranteur makes sure mother’s legacy lives on


Last updated: Nov. 24, 2014

Confidence Beyond Borders

Confidence Beyond Borders

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

The following is an excerpt from an article, “Confidence Beyond Borders,” I wrote for POSE Magazine’s New Year 2014 issue:

“No one had seen me in a bathing suit in public since age 16. But almost a decade later, there I stood, staring at my mother, aunt and two cousins as they soaked in hot sulfur springs. Shaded by the tropical flora overhead, I debated whether I should step into the sunlight and join in or stay clothed in my insecurities…

Dominica’s mountains are covered in rainforest. At higher altitudes, I would breathe in big gulps of air to savour its richness. It had been 18 years since I had left at the age of 7 as an island native, and I had returned as a foreigner. But being a foreigner can be a lot of fun.”