Ruane's Story


There’s power and strategy behind the delivery of a well-crafted sentence, whether you’re typing a manifesto or texting your mom, if you’re giving a speech at work or at a wedding, when you’re talking to a client or with your kids. I wield words wisely and will craft text to suit your needs. Learn more about my Editorial Services.


I have experience as a writer and editor, in-print or online, working for magazines, newspapers, websites, social media channels, small businesses, and large organizations. I currently work in communications and am a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Behind every great writer, there’s an awesome editor. As your editor, my goal is to increase the effectiveness and clarity of your writing. I edit a variety of topics for a general audience, whether readers care about lifestyles or life sciences. Together, we will make every word count. Find out how my Editorial Service can benefit you.


I hold a Master of Journalism degree from Ryerson University and a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing with a Biology minor from York University in Toronto, Ont., Canada. Feel free to get in touch and contact me.

-Ruane Remy